Monday, August 17, 2009

All dressed up and every hair in place!

Andrew's curls were tamed for a brief period on our way to Jay's 90th Birthday Bash. We combed his hair over to the side and used gel to keep it in place. Such a different look than his usual uncontrolled curly head of hair! So handsome! And Julia wore her hair in neat pigtails with little clips on the side. So cute, I had to take pictures of them (in their car seats, on the way to the party) before we arrived in case the nice neat hairstyles didn't last. This rare moment, captured on film!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Great grandchildren

Ten of Jay's twelve great grandchildren are pictured here, at Jay's 90th birthday party, celebrated last weekend with much fanfare. Most of the pictures are on Jeff's camera which has yet to be downloaded, but I did snap this one with my little camera and I just love it. I can think of no better accomplishment than to claim a collection of children as lovely as these are as your own great grandchildren. If only we were all so fortunate to not only have such a large and vibrant family, but to see the generations grow up in front of you. Wow.

Happy 90th Jay!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More craft -blog surfing

Aren't these ADORABLE!

(All my photos are coming out oversized today. What's wrong??? Click on the picture and it will show you the whole photo.)

I found my way to these dolls when I stumbled upon this blog. She sells the pattern for these dolls (or the dolls themselves, in her shop. I'd love to make these dolls!!!

SouleMama blog

I've been busy again, as you can see from my lack of blog posts these past few weeks. I'm blogging today from LA which is my 4th business trip in 3 weeks. I hope to get photos downloaded and some updates posted to the blog this weekend which will be blissfully at-home!

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here in the back room of a focus group research facility, and I'm browsing the web during the duller moments. I've been following a wonderful blog lately that I've just fallen in love with, called SouleMama. I thought you might enjoy it too. I've just ordered her new book, Handmade Home, that is being published this month. Now if only I had more time to actually do some of these wonderful projects!

Be sure to scan the many photos on her blog. She has a wonderful talent for photography, particularly photos that capture everyday moments, simple household objects, and children. I find it particularly interesting that she rarely shows faces in her photos. She focuses more on capturing mood, light, objects, composition. Super cool.