Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween tablerunner

I whipped this up today too. Feels good to be sewing again. Happy Halloween!

Halloween cupcakes

Thanks to mom's Family Fun Magazine gift, I have a horde of scary cupcakes to serve the kids tonight!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Construction site, location two

Here we are on the 2nd location of the day, Rick's Rolling Smokehouse at the construction site. Rick can take a customer payment from anywhere!

Back on location

Here is a picture of the location we are shooting today, while they are setting up. A very cool space, made to look like a design studio.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Two cats

I am home for a brief break between shooting days, and am working from home to see a little bit of my kiddos before I head out again. And I couldn't resist the opportunity to post this pic of my two cats, both home and healthy, and close enough together that I could catch them in the same frame.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Movie magic

We are ending Day 3 of shooting with some shots of the exteriors. For this one (hat shop) the plan was to shoot it with a boy on a bike riding by. I freaked everyone out by asking if we could have a customer entering the shop. (Healthy thriving businesses use Intuit products!).

After a little flurry of protest at the last minute request ("we don't have that kind of extra on hand, no appropriate wardrobe" etc) the movie magic people took over and out of thin air appeared a nicely dressed man, complete with umbrella (our ground was wet by this point.). A customer! Voilà!

See, I am adding value!

Have I mentioned the healer?

Interspersed with the catering (I just turned down banana creams) we have a healer coming by to ensure we stay comfortable, energetic and healthy. In the morning he brings our vitamins in little flavored liquid sipping cups. Just now we had oxygenated energy boosts. He offered mouthwash after lunch. You have a need, he has the solution.

Mocha anyone?

A case of mistaken identity?

I stepped out of Video Village to make a phone call, when a tour bus from Universal Studios drove by. They all stared intently at me. And then one waved. I tried to look aloof and distracted, to fulfill their hopes that I was a star on a break. But then I ruined it by snapping a photo of them...

Lunch on the steps of a New York Brownstone

We couldn't find a free table so we decided to perch here on the steps of what seems to be simulating a New York street with a row of brownstones. I am with Val and my account team Melissa and Leah from the agency.

Ginseng time!

Every day around this time we are offered a vial of ginseng with a tiny straw. Healthy stuff, apparently, but it tastes terrible.

Video Village

They set up a Video Village for the agency and client people where we can watch the filming on a monitor. This morning we are filming the interior of the pet shop. You can see the owner behind the counter with his computer, and the dogs being groomed in the foreground.

The juice tray is back

On the Universal Back Lot today

Here is a wide shot of the pet shop we are shooting, inside and exterior. It is on the Universal Back Lot which is a maze of little streets, all fake, waiting to be dressed and filled with lights, camera and action.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dog enjoying a blast of air

I took a quick video of the monitor showing this take of the dog enjoying a blast of air from the pneumatic tube. You might wonder what this has to do with Intuit. Well, you'll have to wait until November to find out!

On location day 2

Today we are in a new location, a very graphic space where we have built a series of tubes going through the space. We are putting a bunch of dogs into the space running around. Very crazy day.

Now comes the fruit

Less than 30 min later the catering guy is back offering fruit dressed with yogurt and honey. See the figs? Fancy.

The catering guy

The catering guy is quite the character. He comes by every hour or so with an offering of something tempting. This morning he was offering a choice of energy boost juices. I got a custom mix of tangerine and pomegranate. Yum!

On location: hat shop

I am in LA shooting 4 TV commercials in the next few days. Lots of interesting sights and sounds to share. Here is a view into the hat shop location from yesterday. The director is the man in the light shirt with his hand on his hip. The space was very cool. Can't wait for these to show up on TV.