Friday, August 22, 2008

Vacation update

Hello, We're on vacation this week, but we have a computer with us, and a camera... so, thought I'd say hello via the blog. We started out in Oxnard, where we stayed at a hotel at the beach. It had a great pool, which the kids LOVED. And we had our bikes with us, (Jeff just bought one, with a seat on the back for Andrew), so we had a great time biking along the beach as a family. Julia loves to ride her bike!

With the Holman grandchildren all in one place (Brad and Kim and Kira were at the beach too), it was an opportunity not to be missed. Here are Nana and Grumps with Kira, Julia and Andrew, sitting on a great driftwood log Nana and Grumps found.

And we took the opportunity to get a rare picture of the four of us together. I have so few pictures of the whole family, since one or the other of us is always behind the camera.

We are in Big Bear now, but I haven't downloaded pictures from here yet. We've been having a great time exploring, climbing rocks, biking, boating, board gaming, and napping. Today we're going to try the ski lift which should be a fun new experience for the kids.

So long from here!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Intuit QuickBooks Jingle Generator

I'm very excited about this cool new marketing program my team launched late last week. Check out the video on YouTube. You can also follow Tommy Silk on Twitter (, or be his friend on Facebook or MySpace. Be sure to create a jingle for your favorite small business and pass it along!